Full Service Groom


Duncan before his groom


Duncan with a new summer cut


Bridget before Bridget with a half inch body full service groom



Bath & Brush

Bert the Border Collie before his groom


Bert getting shampooed in the tub


The finished product:

Combed, brushed, trimmed, nails clipped,  blow dried and smiling!



Bert's kids get a Bath & Brush too



Here is Yoshi before the bath with a head covered in fuzz

Here he is with the fuzz plucked out and trimmed up.

Now Yoshi looks like a show dog!




Hand Scissor

This Bichon came in matted and it was winter so he was brushed out and hand scissored to a modified Bichon clip




Nail Trim

Nails are trimmed and excess hair clipped



Clients in the Show Ring

Portuguese Water Dog Lontra


Standard Poodle Hali


Standard Poodle Jessie